BizCert Accreditation Programme - Application & Accreditation Process

1. BizCert Application Submission
- Submit your application online via the BizCert Accreditation eApplication (available via this link)
- Payment of application fee online (SGQR / Bank Transfer)

2. Documents Submission
- Prepare required documents in accordance to documents checklist
(provided via email upon successful application)
- Complete and acknowledge the BizCert Accreditation Criteria checklist
- Submit all required documents and checklist via your BusinessPortal@ATC account
- Payment of assessment fee online (SGQR / Bank Transfer)
* Documents are to be submitted within 7 working days of application.

3. Assessment Stage
After receiving your completed set of required documents and criteria checklist, the BizCert Assessment & Certification unit shall proceed to assess and verify your application in accordance to the assessment stages:

i. Desktop Assessment
An appointed assessor will verify your submitted documents and conduct necessary background checks, clearance and verification for your application. Desktop assessment will include verification and review of submitted documents and to conduct cross agency checks and clearance.

ii. Site Assessment (Case-by-Case basis)
An appointed assessor may call for a site assessment for further verification of submitted documents and/or to gather additional business information. The site assessment may include interview with staffs, directors, management team and/or shareholders. Applicant may be required to be called in for a Question and Answer (Q&A) session during the scheduled site assessment.
In view of the COVID-19 situation, site assessment may be called upon via video communication methods.

iii. Recommendations & Corrections
If the applicant does not fulfil / failed any of the assessment criteria, the applicant shall be provided with recommendations of areas to be corrected within 14 days upon completion of assessment. The applicant shall be required to submit the corrective actions taken within the recommended timeframe.

iv. Completion of Assessment
If all criteria are satisfied, the business's application for the BizCert Accreditation shall be deemed approved and the assessment stage is completed.

4. Administrative & Accreditation Process
- License agreement to be acknowledged
- Annual management fee to be made payable online (SGQR / Paynow)
- Scheduled handover of the business's BizCert Accreditation Certificate & Welcome Kit

NOTE: From the date of application, it will take approximately 45 days for the completion of assessment in order for the business to be accredited.