BizCert Certification

A Business Certificate that Certifies Business Quality & Competency

With more than 400,000 registered business entities in Singapore, it is important to be certified as a credible business that maintains quality, competency and demostrates compliance in fair trading frameworks.

Applicable for all registered Singapore-based business entities from all industries and sectors, the BizCert Certification scheme provides members of the public with assurance on the legitimacy and credibility of a business. Under the certification scheme, businesses are audited under a comprehensive and stringent set of criteria, covering the aspects of business quality, compliances, management and trading policies, operations and communications procedures. Businesses are also subjected to additional background clearances such as fraud, commercial litigation etc.

Public who seeks dealings with certified businesses are assured that these businesses have in place competent and fair trading policies, service standards and ethical practices to uphold its duty to deliver and honour its service commitment.

Certified businesses are governed in accordance to the BizCert Certification Code of Practice and are required to uphold its standards as per assessed policies criteria during its certification term.

BizCert Certification protects businesses and the public from unfair and unscrupulous business dealing tatics. In an event of conflict, the public may exercise their rights in filing a report with the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) on the breach(es), and be assured that disputes against certified businesses will be investigated and resolved.

BizCert Certification assessments are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of assessment completion and approval. In an event where the certified business is found to have breach the BizCert Certification Code of Practice or Terms of License Agreement, the business will be revoked from its certified status immediately, regardless of its validity period.

Be Certified, Be Trusted.