BizCert Accreditation Programme - Be Accredited, Trusted & Recognised

To further assist Singapore Enterprises, the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) shall be providing complimentary membership to all accredited businesses till 31 December 2022.

BizCert is a National Accreditation Scheme for Singapore enterprises that accredits enterprises whom have implemented substantial efforts in upkeeping its quality, competency standards and a credible management team.

Under the BizCert Accreditation Scheme, applicants are audited under a set of stringent and comprehensive criteria that covers the aspects of ethical business operations policies, proper business management policies, business capabilities, staffs' and business's competency.

Applicants who qualifies to obtain the BizCert Accreditation will be able to incorporate the BizCert Accreditation trademark in their operating premise, business materials and collaterals as a commitment towards fair business trading, withholding business competency and quality standards.

Members of the public who seek to have dealings with BizCert Accredited entities are assured that these businesses have in place fair and competent business policies, service standards and well maintained policies to uphold its duty to deliver and honour its service commitment.

Accredited businesses are governed in accordance with the BizCert Code of Practice and are required to uphold its standards as per assessed policies criteria during the term of its accreditation.

BizCert Accreditation and accompanying assessment are valid for a period of 3 years from the date of approval. In any event where an accredited business is found to have breached the BizCert Accreditation terms and/or Code of Practice, the accredited business will be immediately revoked of its accreditation status, regardless of its accreditation validity period.