CFSE - Membership, Benefits & JobsConnect Portal

CFSE Membership Fee

Individuals who fulfil the conditions of a Freelancer or Self-Employed will be registered under the Council of Freelancers & Self-Employed (CFSE) as CFSE Individual Members.

CFSE Membership fee for Individual Members are as follows:
Monthly Membership Fee: S$ 32.10 per month
Fee Collected annually, 12 months basis @ S$ 385.20

For NEW Registrations
Upon successful registration, you will be redirected to CFSE ePayment Page for your membership fee payment (ie: S$ 115.56). Accepted payment mode: SGQR - Paynow (Scan to Pay).

CFSE Members Unit will verify your registration information provided and your CFSE Members account will be activated within fourteen (14) days, upon successful verification.

CFSE Members' Benefits & Privileges

1. CFSE Certificate of Membership
All individual members will be issued with a Cerificate of CFSE Membership. The Certificate of CFSE Membership is an endorsment towards the FSE's entry in CFSE as an individual member, providing members with a competitive edge in the industry.

2. CFSE Assistance & Support Programmes
Members will be entitled to access all available assistance and support programmes, extended to CFSE Members only. Some of the assistance and support programmes includes services matching, industry assistance, career support, etc.

3. Legal, Contracts & Mediation Assistance
We understand that FSEs are often more vulnerable to legal and contractual obligations disputes; CFSE members will be able to tap on CFSE network of legal and contractual specialists in an event of obligations dispute. Together with CFSE Mediation clinics, FSEs will be able to seek assistance from the Council.

4. JobsConnect (Exclusive Access)
JobsConnect is a Members Exclusive section where CFSE Members may view available jobs, contracts and projects filed by Singapore Enterprises and Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). JobsConnect was launched to enable FSEs to seek income sustainability by providing their skills, knowledge and experiences to assist Singapore Enterprises in their business development.

5. Singapore Industry Insights & Information
CFSE Members will be able to gather Singapore Industry Insights and Information to assist their in planning their journey ahead. Members will be invited for seminars, conferences and key segment addresses to enhance their knowledge in Singapore's economy and to gain insights to enable future growth.

6. Career Advancement Support
We understand FSEs may require career advancement support at times. As a CFSE Member, the Council extends support to members who seek career opportunities and advancement by matching CFSE members to accredited Singapore Enterprises.

7. Be a Voice in the FSE Community
CFSE allows like-minded Freelancers and Self-Employed Persons to share their views, feedbacks and opinions which will be gathered on a community and national level.

JobsConnect -
Bridging Singapore Enterprises & FSEs

The JobsConnect Portal has been launched to allow Singapore Enterprises to extend available Jobs, Contracts or Projects to support our local Freelancers and Self-Employed (FSE) community.

The purpose of introducing JobsConnect to CFSE is to allow FSEs to have a sustainable source of income within their specialized areas, by providing their skills and knowledge to assist Singapore Enterprises in their business development journey.

FSEs can apply for any related projects directly via their member's portal or seek assistance from CFSE to provide specialization matching.

Upon successful application, the applicant will be contacted directly by the Enterprise to confirm on the commencement, project / job requirements, etc. FSE will be able to negotiate on the renumeration they are expecting and further discuss on the project / scope that is being assigned by the Enterprise.

Till date, CFSE has matched FSEs with Singapore Enterprises through JobsConnect and has benefited more than 500 FSEs, allowing them to reach out to Singapore Enterprises and providing their specialized areas. JobsConnect has also enabled FSE to have an additional platform and source of income, allowing FSEs to have a sustainable income source.