What We Do

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC) supports Singapore enterprises in major market outreach, business development and support areas. Our extensive network and strong alliance with the private, public and Government sectors allows ATC to effective support for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Business Advocacy & Representation of Singapore Enterprises

ATC champions the interests for Singapore enterprises on both local and global scale. With the support of industry leaders and appointed business committees, ATC works together with members, entrepreneurs and the public to assist in policies integration, industry roadmaps and sector transformations.

On a national level, ATC generates objective and important data to provide quality engagements with relating agencies. Working closely with the business committee and appointed industry leaders, ATC provides deep industry and sector specific insights, allowing feedbacks from enterprises to be brought up to the national level.

To assist enterprises in globalization, ATC represents and assist members' in reaching out to the global stage by providing support and platforms through participation in international business conferences and events.

Business Development, Capability Building, Transformation & Support

As the world's business economics are constantly changing in a rapid pace with technology replacing major business operations, businesses are often faced with challenges to innovate and transform to upkeep with the fast paced business environment. With Singapore being the heart of Asia's business growth engine, opportunities for businesses may be rich, but is often met with heightened competition.

At ATC, we assist members in business development on their business transformation journey to be updated with current market trends and to encourage business sustainability through capability building. We have introduced a series of programmes that addresses major business aspects, allowing members to tap on available resources, toolkits and to reach out to ATC for dedicated support in their business development.

Some of the business development programmes introduced are:
- Enterprise Financing and Working Capital Assistance
- Business Capability and Transformation Support
- Business Endorsements and Market Support
- Mediation, Resolution and Recovery Clinics

With our SME Centre, businesses and entrepreneurs can seek dedicated support through our Enterprise Development Officers with dedicated one-to-one advisory and business diagnostics to better understand possible areas of business development and transformation.

Enterprise Recognition, Accreditation & Certifications

Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award - Read more about the Singapore Entrepreneur 100 Award >>
Entrepreneur 100 Award honours and celebrates Singapore's top performing entrepreneurs whose inspiring ambitions have contributed to the business’s success, delivering growth, business innovation and prosperity that transforms the industry.

The Entrepreneur 100 Award is an annual award programme that honours Singapore’s top performing entrepreneurs of the year. Being one of the most prestigious and highest accolades an entrepreneur yearns to achieve, the Entrepreneur 100 Award honours entrepreneurs based on their corporate achievements and contributions to the economy and community.

Applications for the Entrepreneur 100 Award are only opened throughout the 4th quater of the year. Annually, a maximum of only 100 Singapore entrepreneurs will be honoured the Entrepreneur 100 Award. Awarded applicants are updated fortnightly under the Entrepreneur 100 Award - Hall of Fame.

Singapore SME 500 Award - Read more about the Singapore SME 500 Award >>
The Singapore SME 500 Award (SME 500) is one of Singapore's oldest and highly accorded business recognition. The SME 500 recognizes leading businesses and companies from 19 business industries and sectors that have presented outstanding business performance, maintained business and regulatory compliances and have in placed positive fiscal policies.

With the increasing number of registered businesses operating in Singapore, achieving the SME 500 indicates the business success and attributes a significant milestone in one's business journey. The SME 500 is regarded as one of Singapore's prestigious and highly regarded business award that Singapore businesses strives to obtain on a year to year basis.

BizCert Accreditation - Read more about the BizCert Accreditation >>
Applicable for all registered Singapore-based business entities from all industries and sectors, the BizCert Accreditation scheme provides members of the public with assurance on the legitimacy and credibility of a business.

Under the accreditation scheme, businesses are audited under a comprehensive and stringent set of criteria, covering the aspects of business quality, compliances, management and trading policies. operations and communications procedures. Businesses are also subjected to additional background clearances such as fraud, commercial litigation etc.

Business Verifications & Credibility - BizSearch Portal

With the increasing numbers of registered business entities and ATC's commitment in upkeeping Singapore's high standards of ethical, credible and transperant trading practices, ATC has introduced the BizSearch portal that enables members of the public to understand key information on an individual business.

The BizSearch portal allows you to gather information that has been assessed by ATC's assessment unit such as fiscal compliances and policies ratings, trading policies and overall assessment on the individual business. With the grading of a business provided, you can make informed decisions by understanding more about your potential trading partner.

BizSearch also segments the individual companies under 3 sections:
- Companies with Positive to Excellent Credit Ratings
- SMEs with High Possibility of Default Payment
- Unverified / Alerted Singapore Companies

The BizSearch Portal is provided complimentary and is opened for public use.

Access BizSearch Portal >>