Who We Are

About the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore)

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) ("ATC") is one of Singapore's largest and renowned enterprise association representing enterprises from different industries as a whole.

Serving enterprises at a national and global level, ATC bridges the private, public and government sectors together, promoting a conducive business environment that allows businessess to gather economic insights, forming strategic business networks and collaboration which enables businesses with continued stability, development and success.

Championing enterprises development, ATC works closely with professional bodies and boards to assist committed companies to build capabilities, further develop their presence within the industries and internationalise. ATC bridges local and global businesses, allowing local enterprises to form strategic partnerships and expansions into untapped markets while being recognised on a global scale.


One Association, Multiple Values - Value Adding Enterprises For Developement.

Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) was formed with a dedicated direction in mind - To value add businesses, assist in business developments and champion enterprise's interests.

As the world's economics are constantly changing in a rapid pace with technology replacing major business operations, businesses are often faced with challenges to innovate and transform to upkeep with the fast paced business environment. With Singapore being the heart of Asia's business growth engine, opportunities for businesses may be rich, but with heightened competition.

Together, we work with businesses, from Start-ups, Small Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises and Organizations to support your business development, transformation and growth across the region.


Recognising & Ranking Singapore's Top 500 SMEs - Singapore SME 500 Award

The Singapore SME 500 Award is one of Singapore's most prestigous award that Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) yearns to achieve on a year to year basis. The Singapore SME 500 Award was established since 2015 to recognise Singapore's leading and highest gross performing businesses across 15 major trade industries and business sectors.

Backed by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore), award winners undergo stringent background checks, assessments and verifications to ensure legitimate and credible enterprises are being awarded.  Bearing the iconic SME 500 Award trademark allows winners of the SME 500 Award to gain recognition across businesses in Asia, allowing increased in the organization's credibility towards its brand, products and services.

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) is also the main organizer and ranking organization for the Singapore SME 500 Award.

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