Business Endorsements & Market Support

Application Process & Required Documents for Endorsments:

For businesses with programmes, services, products or initiatives that will benefit the Singapore business and/or consumer community may seek Endorsement and Support from the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore).

Interested applicant for Endorsements & Initiatives Programme will have to prepare and submit the following:
1. Applicable programme to be endorsed (programme, services, products or initiatives are accepted)
2. Write-up on how your programme will benefit the Singapore SME and/or Consumer Community (to be provided in PDF format)
3. Management & Operational Team's structure and profile
4. Marketing / Sales Plans for your programme (if applicable)
5. ACRA Business Profile
6. Latest 2 Years Financial Report

Please submit the documents via email to, Attn to: Endorsements & Initiatives Unit.

Application fee
An application fee of SGD 1,284.00 (Non-Members) / SGD 1,001.52 (ATC Members) is payable upon registration.
An official invoice will be issued to you upon receiving your documents.
Please note that application fee is non-refundable & non-transferable.

Application Process, Duration & Results
Upon receiving your documents, ATC Endorsements & Support (ES) Unit will review and assess your applied programme and your business's capability to deliver / perform its required (ie: orders). Application takes up 21 working days to be processed and completed.
You will be notified of your application's result via email.

What happens if my application is rejected?
If your application is being rejected, you will be provided with 07 working days to perform the necessary rectification and reworks for the rejected areas.
You will be notified on the areas of rejected via email through your assigned ES officer.

After Approval
After your application is being approved, you will be provided with and/or is permitted to:
- Certificate of Endorsement
- Official Letter of Endorsement
- Validity period of Endorsement (ie: 1 year from the date of approval)
- Be Featured in Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) Endorsements & Initiatives Section
- Utilize the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) trademark with the tagline: "An Initiative Supported by" / "Endorsed by"

Need more information?
Contact ATC - Endorsement & Initiatives Unit at +65 3159 3953 or email us at