Mediation, Resolution & Recovery Assistance

We understand that businesses are vulnerable to obligations that may escalate into undesirable and difficult situations, where parties may not be aligned towards the common directions or end results.

At ATC, we provide Singapore SMEs with Commercial Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Recovery Assistance. Mediation is a voluntary process where a neutral third-party (the Mediator) facilitates the disputant's negotiation process for a fair, private and just settlement. Mediation encourages out-of-court settlements, and in many instances, are a cheaper and faster alternative to litigation while promoting a higher settlement rate.

Mediation, Resolution & Recovery (MRR) assistance by ATC is a facilitative process which resolves Commercial disputes in a confidential and non-confrontational manner, enabling disputing parties to preserve their relationships post-mediation. The flexibility in the MRR process also provides parties an opportunity to identify and communicate their differences effectively, allowing parties to understand affecting situations while resolving differences.

MRR Assistance will require a disputing party to file an MRR application with ATC. Thereafter, an assessor will be assigned to review the case which will be forwarded to a mediator to provide the necessary course of actions. Parties are guided by the mediator to focs on issues that are important to them which are needed to be resolved and promote solutions for considerations which are mutually acceptable.

Businesses may approach ATC to engage and review your position for calling a mediation of any commercial dispute.

Areas covered under ATC's Commercial Mediation, Resolution & Recovery Assistance:
- Commercial Disputes
- Contractual Obligations & Disputes
- Contractual Breach & Advisory
- Liquidity Advisory & Recovery

ATC provides all MRR assistance towards all commercial and business related issues and disputes, no matter the size of the claim with exceptions towards:
- Criminal cases
- Cases which require a precendent
- Cases where only the courts can give an appropriate remedy
- Cases which involves public and Governmental policies

Applicable Fee:
For Mediation, Resolution or Recovery Assistance filed up to ATC, the following fee will be applicable for engagement of assessor / mediator:
ATC Members: SGD 267.50 per application
Non-Members: SGD 856.00 per application
Mediation session fee may apply.