Get Involved! Volunteer with Us

Whether its the Business or Public Community, your actions will help the community.

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting and delivering our programmes, services and business advocacy.  We welcome all individuals to join our pool of volunteers to reach out to the business and public community.

Through our various programmes, volunteers are provided with opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds, support the community and help individuals in need. You will also be able to learn different skillsets, and find the right platform to practise and leverage your skills on.

ATC providers a variety of ways for individuals to get involved, from trade related programmes, community involvement programmes to administrative and planning segments, you can select your preferred volunteering areas that are aligned with your expertise.

Selected volunteers are also provided with an opportunity to be under ATC's sub committee, taking part in community developments and engagements. With every new volunteer, the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) grows more energized, diversed and inclusive, and better equipped with to reach our common goals.

You may register as a volunteer via the eService button provided below.

eServices: Volunteer Registration