Entrepreneur 100 Award - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Entrepreneur 100 Award (E100) is one of Singapore's most recognised and highest accolade an entrepreneur may receive during his/her course of entrepreneurship. The award honours and celebrates Singapore's top performing entrepreneurs of the year whose inspiring ambitions have contributed to the business's success.

The E100 Award continues to recognise Singapore entrepreneurs that have outperformed competitors within the industry, delivering business growth, innovation and prosperity that transforms the industry.

Any Singapore based entrepreneurs can submit an application for the Entrepreneur 100 Award.
The award is opened to all entreprenuers of all types of registered business entities.

No. You do not need to be a member or have any relationship with the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) to submit an application for the Entrepreneur 100 Award.

Being one of the highest and most recognised accolade that an Entrepreneur receives during his/her course of entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneur 100 Award increases the brand image, individual and corporate profile of the awarded Entrepreneur, promoting his/her position as a key player within the industry.

Recognising the efforts, committment and management skills that has been placed in the business, the Entrepreneur 100 Award also allows entrepreneurs to gain an increase in credibility, providing an endorsement towards their success, business qualities and leadership skills that forges commercial relationships locally and abroad.

A maximum of 100 selected entrepreneurs will be selected and awarded the Entrepreneur 100 Award.

There is no application / registration fee required for submission of the Entrepreneur 100 Award application.

However, if an Entrepreneur's application has been assessed and is selected to be awarded, the applicant will be required to take up the Entrepreneur 100 Award Winner's Welcome Package (ie: S$ 2,354.00).

The Welcome Package is only applicable for applications that has been selected to be awarded the award.

There are no renewal or subscription fee to be paid for the Entrepreneur 100 Award.

No. There are no other categories under the Entrepreneur 100 Award.

Applications, information and supporting documents are kept strictly private and confidential and will only be used by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore), assessment and judging panel, sponsors and respective affiliates under the Entrepreneur 100 Award.

Yes, you can.
Past award winners and nominees are encouraged to participate in the awards again.

The assessment process for your Entrepreneur 100 Award application is approxmiately 7 - 14 working days.
Upon conclusion of your application's assessment, you will be receiving an email and SMS notification to notify you on your application's status.

Alternatively, you may contact your assessment officer directly. Contact information of the assigned assessment officer is available through your BusinessPortal@ATC account.

With your application being approved by the Assessment unit, this indicates that you have been passed all assessment criteria and have been selected to be awarded the Entrepreneur 100 Award.
You may now proceed to access your Entrepreneur 100 Award Welcome Package.

To access your Entrepreneur 100 Award Welcome Package, you may login to your BusinessPortal@ATC account -> Select 'My Applications'. You may select your awarded application and proceed to access the Welcome Package.

Included in your Welcome Package are:
- Entrepreneur 100 Award Certificate
- Letter of Entrepreneur 100 Award Conferment
- Corporate information Questions & Answers (Q&A) form for featured under 'Singapore SME Connect' section.
- Authorised Entrepreneur 100 Award Media Files
- Accompanying documents for the Entrepreneur 100 Award Welcome Package

Upon access of your Welcome Package, you are authorised to incorporate the media files and/or mentions.
Your corporate information as an awarded Entrepreneur will be displayed to the public immediately.