Entrepreneur 100 Award 2021 - Honouring Singapore's 100 Emerging Entrepreneurs of the Year.

About the Entrepreneur 100 Award

Through the Entrepreneur 100 Award, we continue to celebrate the success of Singapore's performing entrepreneurs of the year that have transformed dreams into reality.
The highest accolade an individual receives in their course of entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneur 100 Award
FY2021 Entrepreneur 100 Award Additional Criteria:
Applicants are to have displayed strong business resilience, implemented sustainable economic policies while possessing commendable leadership and management skills in steering their businesses amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entrepreneur 100 Award honours and celebrates Singapore's performing entrepreneurs of the year whose inspiring ambitions have contributed to the business’s success, delivering growth, business innovation and prosperity that transforms the industry.

An annual national award programme that honours Singapore’s performing entrepreneurs of the year, the Entrepreneur 100 Award is one of Singapore's most prestigious and highest accolade an entrepreneur yearns to achieve. Recognising entrepreneurs based on their corporate achievements, contributions to the industry, community and nation and policies that have propelled the business's prosperity, the Entrepreneur 100 Award evaluates and affirms the strength and capability of one.

Under the Entrepreneur 100 Award, we call these entrepreneurs the Elites – those who have presented their capabilities to turn ambitions into reality.

To start a business is an easy task. But to create and build a business that delivers long-term value requires courage, persistence and a strong sense of entrepreneur spirit to set the pace. It takes an individual who is well equipped with unique and remarkable leadership skills to transform a dream into reality, leading the business and forming a formidable management team that contributes to the growth of the business, increasing its profitable and delivering its committed values.

Coinciding with the Singapore Government’s focus on fostering entrepreneurship and providing support and tools for local entrepreneurs to take on the world market, the Entrepreneur 100 Award provides recognised entrepreneurs with an unrivalled platform to grow beyond the local scene, showcasing their abilities and achievements on both national and global scale.