Lodge a Report - Report Malpractices or Breaches by a Singapore Business

Lodging a Report against a Singapore Business

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) ("ATC") is committed in assisting the Singapore business community to upkeep its high standards of ethical, reliable and transperant trading practices. With Singapore being the key city-state nation of trading in the Asia Pacific region, it is important that businesses practices ethical trading practices and adhere to required statutory compliances to maintain Singapore's reputation as a credible business hub.

Through ATC's reporting area, members of the public may proceed to report malpractices or suspected statutory breaches against a business. Working together with Singapore's business governing agencies, ATC is committed in ensuring that all reports lodged are attended to and investigated.

Reports lodged with ATC may be referred to the following agencies for further investigations:
- Singapore Police Force
- Commercial Affairs Department (CAD)
- Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS)
- Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

A person who wishes to file a report to the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) on alleged offences may proceed to do the lodgement via the eReporting section below. Details and any supporting documents or evidence are to be provided to the Investigation unit via email to Please indicate your report number in the subject field when submitting your supporting documents or evidences.


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