Our Logo, Vision & Mission

Our Logo

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) Logo comprises of 3 components - namely:

1. ATC Text
Significance:  Acronym of Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore)

2. Red Triangle with pointed arrow facing 45 degree to the right
Significance:  Identifying Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) with its representation of enterprises as a whole, moving forward towards globalization and success.

3. 3 Red Bars Below ATC
Significance:  Indicates different enterprises level; namely - Start-ups, Small-Medium Enterprises & Large Enterprises.

Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) logo comprises of 2 colours. Mainly black and red. Black indicates the strength and confidence that the Association provides to enterprises while Red signifies the Association's passion in building entrepreneurship, business development and sustainability.

Our Vision

Enabling Singapore enterprises for recognition, growth and development on a global scale.

Our Mission

Enabling enterprises to benefit from our extensive network by recognising sustainable enterprises, building capability and creating global opportunities while championing in the interests of Singapore enterprises.

Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) works with professional bodies and boards to assist committed companies to build capabilities, further develop their presence within the industries and internationalise. As the major representation of Singapore SMEs, the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) continues to build credibility in Singapore enterprises through quality, standards and network.