ATC - SME Collaborations | Partnership Programme

ATC - SME Collaborations - Partnership Programme

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) offers partnership opportunities to Singapore Enterprises and Organizations to collaborate with our extensive Singapore business network to support programmes and initiatives that will impact and enhance growth, sustainability and continued development in Singapore's business industries.

Aligned with the Association's Mission, the Partnership Programme allows you to ride on a year-long calendar of business events, co-create programmes or even on-board your structured programmes that reaches out to the Singapore Business Community. These partnership programmes offers networking, heightened corporate profiling that allows organizations and community to benefit from.

The community understands that Partners are subjected to extensive assessment and comptency checks prior to being onboarded as a Partner.

Why Partner with the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) ?

As an approved partner of the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore), you will enjoy the following benefits:

1. Increased Corporate Profile & Trustworthiness
As each ATC partner has to undergo quality and programme competency checks, ATC partners are considered to uphold high level of standards which provides competent and quality programmes or services to the Singapore business community. Approved partners will be authorised to bear the 'ATC Approved Partner' Trademark.

2. Extensive Industry / Market Reach
As an ATC Partner, you will be provided with unrivaled platforms to showcase your organization's services, products and programmes to the Singapore business community. Your approved products will be featured in ATC's partner's programme which will be made available for application by Singapore businesses.

3. Collaborative Partnerships
As one of Singapore's largest Business Association, we are always reaching out and working with approved partners for new and sustainable collaborations that will benefit the community.

How do I Register as an ATC Partner ?

To register as an Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) Partner, you will need to provide the following information:

1. Corporate Profile with Organizational Chart
2. ACRA Business Profile (not more than 3 months old)
3. Detailed Programme Outline and Benefits
(ie: type of programme is being offered, what are the benefits that the businesses will benefit from the programme)
4. Trainer's / Programme Director's / Programme Management Team's Profile

Kindly email the required document for review of your ATC onboarding application to with the Subject title: "ATC-Partnership / UEN No." .

Upon receiving your ATC-SME Partnership email, a partnership representative will be assigned to provide you with the application / partner onboarding form for submission.

* Do note that ATC Approved Partners may be subjected for review on a bi-annual basis.
* Upon approval, you will be issued with a Partner agreement which will last for a period of 24 months.
* Programmes to be listed are to be provided on a quarterly basis.

Payment Matters
Do note that fee indicated is only after your ATC Partner registration has been processed successfully. The initial payment is to be made upon execution of the Partner's Agreement.

Initial (1st) Payment - After Approval
Setup and Onboarding Fee: S$ 417.30
Partner's Fee (1st Month): S$ 952.30
Total: S$1,369.60

Monthly Payment: S$ 952.30