Community Sessions

Community Sessions
Providing In-Person Advisory, Support & Assistance @ ATC SME Centre

In view of the COVID-19 situation, all Support Sessions will be suspended until further notice.
If you require immediate assistance, please contact our SME Centre at 6491 1026 or email us.

The Community Session is an initiative by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore), together with our supporting partners to provide businesses and individuals with directed support and advisory.

Sessions are opened to public and no cost is involved.

During the session, indivudals may seek necessary advice and/or assistance from our attending officers on areas including but not limited to:

- Government-to-Enterprise Support (Seek assistance and matching on available business grants)
- Business Advisory & Assistance
- Digital Transformation Advisory
- Business Financial & Working Capital Advisory
- Lodgement of Report (for lodgement on business's malpractices or breach in compliances)
- Request Support from the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore)
- ATC Applications / Membership Support

If you require any other support areas not listed above, you may schedule a session with the purpose of visit selected as "Others". Our attending officers will assist you in person during your visit.

Existing ATC members and applicants are welcome to schedule an appointment under the Community Session to seek in-person advisory and support. Members will be provided with prioritized appointment.