Singapore SME 500 Award 2021 - Recognising Singapore's Top 500 Performing SMEs.

Application & Assessment Process

Submission of Singapore SME 500 Award application via eApplication Portal.

Commence of application assessment.
Applicant will be assigned an assessment officer who will be liaising with applicant on relating matters.

Assessment cleared by assessment officer

Application Approved and Awarded under the Singapore SME 500 Award

Applicant to be notified on application's approval via Email and SMS

Payment for Singapore SME 500 Award Winners' Exclusive

Access Weclome Kit, Certificate of Award and Inclusion in Registrar of Award Winners

Attends Award Presentation Ceremony & receives all entitlements and coverage

Application being flagged for further audit

To provide supporting documents in areas that are being raised for audit.

Assessment officer may call
for site visit and assessment.

If additional assessments are satisfactory,
clearance to be obtained for approval.

Clearance obtained from Singapore SME 500 Award Assessment Committee

Application Approved & Awarded the Singapore SME 500 Award

Failed in one or more of the assessment criteria

Application Rejected

Documents, site visit and/or further assessments are unable to support application.

Last updated on 06 November 2020.