Singapore SME 500 Award - Winner's Benefits & Privileges

Being an exclusive award winner under the SME500 Award entitles SMEs to a wide array of benefits and privileges.

1. Business Recognition & Increased Value

As the SME500 Award is exclusive and is being conferred to only 500 SMEs across 15 industries and business sectors per year, award winners that are being conferred the award are considered to have proven its success with remarkable corporate performance, credible business trading policies and outstanding business strategies. SME500 Award will further value add the awarded business, enhancing its business position within the industry and being looked upon as an industry leader. Businesses that are conferred the award are being recognised not only in Singapore, but in the Asia region too.

2. Business Growth & Network Opportunities

The SME500 Award provides award winners with a wide array of business growth and network opportunities. Apart from being invited and featured during the SME500 Award Gala Dinner & Awards Presentation Night, award winners will be presented with opportunities to take part in the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) events and conferences, providing award winners with multiple platforms to showcase their specialty and establish commercial relationships.

Award winners will also be invited to networking sessions organized by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) to present its business / brand to attendees;

3. Extensive Publicity & Market Reach

Extensive media coverage is being provided, providing award winners due recognition and susbstantial publicity support. With heightened public profile, award winners can expect enjoy greater business opportunities.

Award Winners Entitlements:

Award winners will also be entitled to the following entitlements upon conferrement of the SME 500 Award.

- eWelcome Kit (Accessible via BusinessPortal@ATC)
- One (01) unit of SME 500 Award e-Certificate
- Letter of Conferement
- SME 500 Award Trophy (presented during the Gala Dinner & Award's Presentation Ceremony)
- Invitation to the Gala Dinner & Awards Presentation Ceremony
- Publicity feature of SME500 Award Winners in 'The Straits Times'
- Publicity feature of SME500 Award Winners on SME500 Website
(under the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) segment)
- Inclusion into SME500 Award Winners Registrar with position & ranking
- Authorisation for SME500 Award Trademark usage