SMEConnect Feature published on: 02 May 2021, 20:15

SETTINGIT UNICORN PTE LTD is one of the branches of SETTING IT GROUP, which specialises in technology development, branding (graphic design, UI design, games design), marketing (SEO, WeChat, Weibo, WhatsApp, Telegram promotion and so on) and investment (project incubate) services mainly in Southeast Asia, China, South America and Europe.

Why should you choose SETTINGIT UNICORN?

• We provide a complete set of solutions from branding, technology to marketing.
• We have rich resources and good reputation in the Internet industry for more than ten years.
• We developed several internal systems to improve office efficiency and intelligent services.

Our services
Website Technical Support
Web Back-End Development
App Development
Construction of Enterprise Management System

Corporate Branding
Brand Design and Positioning Strategy Development
Corporate Image Design
Corporate Annual Report Design
Website YI Design

Online Publicity
Global Public Account Development and Operation
Community Build Up and Planning
ICO Media and Rating
International KOL Publicity
International Top Media Publicity

Offline Publicity
Roadshow Organisation