SMEConnect Feature published on: 02 May 2021, 20:05

Here at Golden Moments, we believe in nothing but excellence. From our stunning good looks to how delicious our products are, we obviously do not settle for second best.

Founded in 2017, Golden Moments successfully created a brand so credible and relevant,consumers now look at Durians in a different light. A Durian revolution some may call it. Our motto is to deliver, satisfy and serve. We will not stop till you are satisfied because you deserve only the best.You deserve Gold.

Being The Durian Artisan, we are committed to providing consumers with high-quality, high-value branded durian products that are tasteful and convenient.

We strive to set industry standards to create quality durian products across Asia and aspire to establish leadership position in the durian market as the preferred durian brand.

Lay your eyes on the most exquisite mooncake Golden Moments ever birthed. The firstborn to our royal throne, we proudly present to you - Golden Moments Mao Shan Wang Truffle Mooncake.

A Masterpiece made with Mao Shan Wang, dark chocolate shell which encapsulated with ganache that comes with a layer of fresh Australian Winter Black Truffle perfectly mixed with truffle paste and truffle oil.If you can feel yourself salivating just by thinking how the explosion of flavours are going to bring you to paradise and back... well, you are not alone.This is the consummation of the century.

When one royalty meets another. What they have created is simply mind blowing, jaw dropping and utterly breath taking.

No nonsense and straight up the best Durians your taste buds will ever experience. We travel across borders to find the best Durians for you. Our durians are not only the best, they are carefully selected with love and sincerity. It seriously can't get any better than this.