SMEConnect Feature published on: 02 May 2021, 20:13

Since its inception in 2013, SOQ has helped over 32,000 learners established their careers in the beauty care industry. More recently, it has been appointed as one of SSG approved training organisations to deliver WSQ accredited learning programmes in the retail industry.

Since 2017, SOQ has also rolled out more than 666 SkillsFuture Credit approved courses that had helped at least 500 aspiring beauty specialist acquired diverse competencies in the areas of beauty care and sub-health. Among others, these include Health Care Meridian, Japan face lifting and wellness courses.

We set ourselves apart from the start.

How? We believe in Success OverQuality. Leveraging some state-of-the-art beauty equipment and technology such as Beauty Augmented Reality, authentic learning at SOQ is made possible coupled with real-life practical experience. Not only is the environment safe and comfortable to fellow participants, their learning is also made relevant and meaningful in current context. Coming from all walks of life, our learners simply enjoy it. Many of their positive testimonials further attest to it.

Above all, some grandaunts had been grateful of the apprenticeship opportunity at SOQ premise as part of their career preparatory workshop to transit them into full-time employment. As of today, at least 63.5% had found meaningful career and another 17.6% went on to establish their own beauty care businesses, including set up local company or freelance business. Today, we are proud to have groomed some of successful beauty care enterprises including Aesthetic Beauty House, Nest Beauty Solutions, Embrace Beauty and more.

At SOQ, our philosophy of Success Over Quality applies across the whole organisation. Our learners are guided and mentored only by facilitators who have acquired the mandatory SSG ACTA/ACLP and some even DACE qualifications. Not just that, learners also reap the benefits of trainers’ industry wide experience. That’s second to none.

We provide beauty training and services according to the needs of the industry, such as:
• Attuned to industry standards and demands
• Unique and be a leading in the market
• Provide comfortable, fast, safe, effective, affordable services to everyone
• Provide professional theory, practical training and focus on career pathway of individuals.
• Providing career switch, career development for everyone with abilities