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Advertise with ATC to Bring Your Business Across all Business Industries & Sectors in Singapore.

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) represents major Singapore business industries and sectors that contributes signifcantly to the nation's year on year GDP. With more than 20% of local enterprises that includes individual business owners, entrepreneurs and key decision makers, and our strong global network of business communities, ATC provides you with an effective advertising platform to grow your business and brand on a national and global scale.

The Grow@ATC programme was introduced to assist entrepreneurs and business owners to extend their market reach through ATC, allowing directed busines-to-business (B2B) brand and business broadcast. A study research by Mckinsey & Company conducted in 2019 shows that 83% of Global CEOs look to marketing to be a mjor driver for most or all of a company's growth agenda. Modern marketing is the ability to harness the full capabilities of the business to provide the best experience for the prospects and customers, thereby drive growth.

Under the Grow@ATC programme, we work alongside with your business to assist your business to be aligned with market trends and economic factors, providing you with platforms to engage and reach out to mass markets.

Grow@ATC Available Platforms:

1. ATC Electronic Direct Mailers (EDM)
With more than 20% of Singapore enterprises and businesses under ATC mode of communications, we assist you in providing your contents and business promotions to the mass markets through Electronic Direct Mailers (EDM).  EDMs are more directed campaigns that are being sent to key decision makers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

2. ATC Web Banners
Reach out to markets by placing your contents through ATC Web Banners. With more than 5 spots to choose from, you can select your target audience, group and content placement areas.

3. Webinars & Programmes
Place your SME webinars, programmes or sessions under ATC SME Community section. Under this platform, you will be able to advertise your programmes and allow directed registration. Some examples of placements includes webinars, courses, etc.

4. Singapore SME eMarketplace
Place your business profile, products and services offerings under the Singapore SME eMarketplace section. The eMarketplace allows you to place your business offerings in a dedicated section, allowing visitors to understand more about your business and brand directly, and placing orders from a single site.

5. Events & Seminars Organised by ATC
Grow@ATC allows you to advertise and have your advertorial booth for ATC events and seminars. For more information on Events & Seminars advertisement areas, please refer to Sponsorship Programme.

How do i register for the Grow@ATC Programme?

To register for the programme, please email us at with the subject title: Grow@ATC Programme 
or contact ATC Endorsements & Partnerships (S&P) Unit at +65 3159 3953.