SME@ATC - Assisting Enterprises In Development & Sustainability

Strategically located in the heart of Asia, Singapore is well known for its pro business approach and environment, with excellent business infrastructure, cutting edge technology and highly trained skilled workforce. Singapore's Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) connects the city-state nation to other major economies and emerging markets, allowing Singapore-based businesses and investors to benefit greatly. Such benefits includes tax and tariffs concessions, faster and easier market entries to certain sectors with comprehensive Intellectual Property coverage and protection.

As the championing body for Singapore's Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) acts in the interest of business community, promoting trade expansions, sustainability enhancement, productivity transformation and business networking in Singapore and abroad.

Through ATC, businesses can leverage on our partnerships and collaborations with major supporting organizations, assisting businesses in transformation and building stronger organizational capabilities. To help members achieve this, ATC offers various platforms focusing on resilience and capability building, business process and strategy management, development and productivity transformation.

With a dedicated SME development team, members can access ATC's comprehensive range of SME development areas that includes:

- Taxation and Corporate Advisory
- Business Transformation Road Mapping
- Local & Overseas Market Entry Support
- Productivity Improvements & Development

To recognise leading Singapore Enterprises that have displayed significant developments in its business capability, productivity and sustainability building, ATC spearheads a recognition programme that honours company for making such achievements in its years of operations. The Singapore SME 500 Award recognises leading Enterprises and credits organizations for its efforts and programmes adopted.