Singapore SME 500 Award - Award Qualification & Assessment Process

1. Nominations & Submission of Application

SMEs can verify with our representatives or confirm eligibility through the Award's entry and qualifying criteria. SMEs who meets the criteria may choose to submit their application via the SME500 segment under the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) website.

Pre-qualified SMEs will be notified via email and will be provided with prioritized application process via the eApplication portal.

2. Site Visit, Operations Verification & Audit

Our representatives may visit the applicant's business operating premises to conduct site visit, verification of business operations and audit of documentations. A scheduled site visit may last between 30minutes to 2hours dependant on the SME's business nature and documentations. Additional documents may be requested to support the SME's application for the Award.

3. Final Verification & Audit  *

A final verification and audit may be requested from time to time. The final verification is conducted to further evaluate the applicant's eligibility on additional supporting documents collected. The final verification may not be mandatory, and is called upon on a case-by-case basis.

4. Recognised as a SME500 Award Winner

Upon completion of verification and audit, applicant that have passed all criteria will be conferred the Award (limited to first 500 qualified SMEs). Upon confirmation of being conferred the Award, SMEs will be issued with the Award's certificate and confirmation letter. Awarded SMEs will be authorised to use the SME500 Award trademarks (ie: placement of trademarks on corporate kits). Award winners will be required to take up the 'Award winners exclusive' package for the SME500 Gala Dinner & Award Presentation Ceremony.

For SMEs that have been a consecutive award winner for 5 years, the organization will be placed in the 'SME500 - Hall of Fame' segment.

5. SME500 Gala Dinner & Award Presentation Ceremony

Award winners will be invited to the SME500 Gala Dinner & Awards Presentation Ceremony during which Award winners will be presented with their Award trophy and provided an unrivaled opportunity to showcase their business to the mass market, expanding market reach to both local and foreign counterparts.

6. Post Award Publicity

Award winners will receive post Award publicity that includes invitation to Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) events, networking sessions and conferences to provide keynote speeches and exhibits.