Entrepreneur 100 Award - Judging & Assessment Criteria

Upon submission of application for the Entrepreneur 100 Award, the assessment unit will commence background checks, assessments and verifications in phases. The following areas will be assessed and graded by the assessment officers in view of the applicant's position to be awarded the Entrepreneur 100 Award.

  1. Entrepreneurship & Growth
    - Sets high standards and commands the abiity to meets such standards in the course of business operations.
    - Ability to lead and excel in the field of business. (Assessed through the business's position in the industry)
    - Have implemented policies, business strategies and structures that contributes to the growth of the business.
    - Implemented key drivers that promotes market expansion, innovation and transformation.
    - The business is well positioned for regional and global growth.

  2. Leadership & Business Management
    - Have in place a structured management team in management of the business's day-to-day operations.
    - Commands the ability to adapt to dynamic business environments.
    - Structured standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being implemented to better manage the business.
    - Employees are well equipped with business's know-how and are able to provide immediate support to clients.
    - Clear business objectives that are well communicated that drives business excellence.
    - Commands the skillsets and resources to manage and ensure business continuity in an event of crisis.

  3. Business Financials, Liquidity & Sustainability
    - Business to be on positive financial standing based on the last fiscal year.
    - Healthy debt-to-equity ratio; with positive financial facilties gearing (if applicable)
    - Possess sufficient liquidity to adapt to various economic situations (ie: reserves).
    - Business maintains positive credit ratings in its course of business.

  4. Business Ethics & Trading Policies
    - Business is transparent in its business, products and/or services terms and condictions.
    - Business conducts trading in an ethical manner.
    - Zero compliants filed against the business.
    - Efforts in implementation of fair trading frameworks.

  5. Business Service Standards
    - Sets high level of services standards in the industry.
    - Lead the business in obtaining accreditations and recognitions for service standards.
    - Maintained compliance and service level agreements.

  6. Compliance
    - Both entrepreneur & business maintains compliance in regulations set by the Government of Singapore.
    - Maintained timely staturatory filings commitment.
    - Business is free from any litigations and/or complaints.
    - Entrepeneur and business must not be barred or blacklisted under any organisations, statutory boards and agencies.

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